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nuggets to know

will you perform a wedding anywhere?

yes and no. my rates reflect weddings within 30 miles of kalispell. i would be happy to travel almost anywhere you'd like! mileage outside of the 30 mile radius will be charged $1.50 per mile. this is subject to variation depending on the city in which your ceremony takes place. you want me to fly somewhere? i am down. let's chat!

what do i do with my signed marriage license?

not to worry! we can do one of two things. one - i deliver your signed marriage license to the flathead county courthouse. your marriage certificate will be mailed to you. two - i hold your hand and offer step-by-step guidance so you can deliver your signed marriage license.

what's included?

package inclusions vary, but they all include:

  • a phone consult to chat about your vision and to see if we are a good fit

  • unlimited email communication

  • a planning session - virtually or in-person, your call

  • a bound copy of your ceremony - send me pictures to include (!!)

  • delivery of signed marriage license or step-by-step how to guide for you to do it yourself

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